Our People

Anthony Abate

Owner/Brewer, Director of Business Operations

Anthony has been home brewing for over 20 years. He's always had a passion for beer, whether it's drinking it or brewing it. When he placed in the Sam Adams home-brew competition, he knew that he wanted to do more in the field and his dream of owning a brewery was sparked. Although he currently works full time as a network engineer, he pours all of his free time into brewing, perfecting beer recipes, drinking beer, visiting breweries, and hanging out with family and friends.

Kathy Abate

Owner/Assistant Brewer, Director of Sales/Marketing

Kathy readily admits that she didn't know what a craft beer was until she met Anthony. However, he changed all of that when he taught her how to home-brew. She not only proved to a be a fast learner, but she also encouraged Anthony to turn his passion into a business. Kathy contributed her graphic design and writing skills to help make the brewery a reality and she continues to work at the brewery in many aspects from promotions to bartending to brewing.